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Go to products on this website and select "Tea Commerce". You will have to type in the domain of your solution when you buy the license.

YES - you only pay for a Tea Commerce license once. No monthly or yearly fee, no support fee etc.

If you have a v1 license, you can upgrade it to a v2 license for 600€ by contacting our support team.

If you change domain name before the shop is launched and live, you can contact our support team to change the license. If the shop is live - you need to buy a new license at full price.

The license file sent to you should be placed in the /bin folder of your Umbraco solution.

Download Tea Commerce from and go into the developer section in your Umbraco solution. Then select "Packages" -> "Install local package", follow the on screen guide and within minutes your are ready to work with Tea Commerce.

You can install Tea Commerce and use all its features without having a license installed for your website.You therefore have the opportunity to test Tea Commerce and see if it suits your needs without paying for itThe free version of Tea Commerce is limited to 20 finalized orders stored in the database - these can be deleted in the Tea Commerce section so you can keep on testing.

With Tea Commerce Starter Kit its quick and easy for you to implement an e-commerce solution for Umbraco with Tea Commerce. The package gives you a basic webshop setup with products, variants and a thoroughly tested website with pages, navigation, document types, templates etc. This gives you a good starting point to build on or have a great demo for your next customer meeting.