Important Announcements

24/06/2019 - Stripe Payment Provider Strong Customer Authentication Update


As you might have heard, a new European regulatory requirement for two-factor authentication for online payments in Europe, known as Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), comes into force on 14th September 2019. The Stripe payment provider has already released the updates and process required to meet this new requirement, which you may have seen in their communications, if you're a Stripe user. 

We at Tea Commerce have taken steps to update our Stripe payment provider process and have now released Tea Commerce version 3.3.1 which you can upgrade to by following the link below.

You can view our Changelog here -

We also strongly suggest you read our Stripe payment provider docs for settings changes. You can find these here -

If you have any queries or issues in implementing the latest release, the best place to raise them is the Tea Commerce forum on Our.

Many thanks

Matt Brailsford

Tea Commerce.


24/06/2019 - Klarna Payment Provider Is Now Obsolete


We have come to the decision to make the current Klarna payment provider obsolete. 

This is due to Klarna deprecating their current API and their new API being written in .NET Core. We may reintroduce Klarna in future releases (an Umbraco V8 compatible release), however at present it isn't plausible for us to do this while maintaining backwards compatibility. 

We have removed it from our latest Tea Commerce release, version 3.3.1, so do bear this in mind if you come to upgrade, but still use Klarna. However the existing code is still in GitHub should you wish to upgrade but still use Klarna. You would need to extract the code and compile it yourself.

Many thanks

Matt Brailsford

Tea Commerce.


06/02/2019 - Payment Provider Patch


As you may have read in our recent newsletter and Twitter updates, or possibly with a direct notification from, there are planned changes to the payment gateway. You can read more about it here.

As such, we at Tea Commerce have taken steps to implement the required and advised changes to ensure ongoing availability of the payment gateway, for those of you who use it. 

You can download patch versions of the AuthorizeNet payment provider from here:

Please note that in order to prevent conflicts, these dlls only contain the AuthorizeNet provider and so should be installed alongside your existing providers. The new provider will appear as AuthorizeNet2.

Due to the many number of versions of Tea Commerce that have been, this zip only contains patches for the following versions:

  • 2.3.5 - The last 2.x release
  • 3.1.4 - The last 3.x release for Umbraco v6
  • 3.2.5 - The latest Tea Commerce release

If you require an update for a version other than the above, or you are having problems installing any of the above, you may need to compile a custom version. In which case you should copy the code from the PaymentProvider GitHub repository located at:

Because we have had to update the entire implementation of this does mean that you will need to configure a new payment provider in your system. Please see configuration instructions at:

Important: because the implementation has been updated to the latest recommended implementation the code now has a dependency on the AuthorizeNet SDK dll which is compiled against .NET 4.5 and so the provided patch dlls are also compiled against .NET 4.5.

We hope that any inconvenience caused by the changes by and the subsequent required updates for Tea Commerce are minimal for you and your clients. If you have any issues, please feel free to raise it on the Tea Commerce forum and we will endeavour to answer in a timely manner. 

Many thanks

Matt Brailsford

Tea Commerce.